Call recording doesn’t work or it’s impossible to listen to the recording

I. If the call audios are no longer played and you are using Chrome, then use another browser to open the dashboard and play the calls. Chrome was updated and temporarily stopped supporting some audio files.

II. In rare cases, the program may not record voice calls on some phone models. This is due to their hardware and software features that deviate from Android specifications.

If your mobile device doesn’t record any sound or if the quality of the recording is very poor, you should try changing the audio source.

To do this, you should open the user panel ( and choose an appropriate device in the list located on the left-hand side of the screen. In the settings tab of this device, you will find an “Audio Source” tab, which you can change by clicking on a drop-down list.



One of the two available audio sources will allow making a high-quality sound recording for the majority of mobile phone models.


If call recording doesn't function properly on your device, please tell our technical support the exact model of your device and the version of its operating system.

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