How to Spy on a Cell Phone

The smartphones we use today serve many different functions. For over a century, phones were a tool for making calls and nothing more, but the phone of today is more like a pocket-sized computer. Just like a computer, our smartphones contain important files, data, contacts, and settings, whose loss due to theft or misplacement can certainly be called a devastating event.

Although most phones have the backup option of a data wipe, this action causes important files and information to be lost. Even though some backup apps and services have been introduced, they have not caught gained substantial popularity due to their high price, complexity, or poor interface. Nevertheless, a new solution has been invented for this problem – a cloud service that runs in the background, duplicates and stores your phone’s files and data. Many people want to know how to spy on a cell phone, so this article should provide valuable information.

This kind of service can be a great asset to have when you lose your phone or access to your data. When this happens, users have a whole compilation of important phone items available to them, starting from contacts and extending to nearly all processes, files, and features of the device. You may even access details like previous calls’ location, duration, identity, and time. If you’re wondering how to trace a phone number, this service will give you an answer.

Another useful feature of the service is the search option. If you can’t find your phone, you can use the service to tract it to an area within one meter of where it lies. Furthermore, a user can still access the phone’s messages, calls, social applications, location services, and camera while the device is in the hands of a thief, as long as the user knows how to track a cell phone.

Even if a person who finds your phone tries to cover his tracks by removing your SIM card, the cloud service will still send a notification with a new card’s number and IMEI. In order for the service to work, the corresponding application should be installed on a smartphone, and an online profile with the right settings should also be created. As soon as it’s running, users can expect their data to be copied and saved, ensuring its protection and access in the future.

Here are the instructions to follow for successful use:

  • Visit in a web browser
  • Click on the free signup option
  • Provide personal login details and proceed to create an account
  • Add your device in the corresponding panel
  • Read instructions regarding how to download and install the service on Android
  • Make sure that your phone is compatible and prepared for the installation process
  • Download the program and follow the steps described to install it
  • Put in all relevant login details and settings

After these steps have been completed, the service will use engage different technologies to track your location, from cell phone towers to Wi-Fi signals to GPS. This data will be easily accessible online in a special panel on, and accessed by virtually any device that can connect to the internet.

If a user wants to adjust certain aspects of how the app works, they can do this in the “Settings” online panel. For example, they can set the interval of location service access at a specific number of minutes.

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