How to Track a Cell Phone

Many of us are used to the concept of work and basic digital operations being done at a computer in an office. However, we fail to realize that millions of us carry the same capabilities in our pockets, and they are provided by smartphones. In many ways, smartphones are like computers, and process the same files, programs, information, contacts, and operations, but are much more personal than a work computer. 

Unfortunately, it is much easier to lose the important stuff and data on your phone than it is on a computer – you can lose it, damage it, it may malfunction, or even be erased by a an accidental or malicious memory wipe. To protect data from being lost, different backup programs have been created, but most have been found to be too expensive or impractical. On the other hand, a new offer of cloud services does a better job, creating copies of all your phone’s important items and moving them to a cloud.

This protection encompasses so much more than audio and image files. In fact, users of the cloud service can even expect information about their contacts, call history, call identity, call duration, call location and recordings to be available for access at any minute. It is even advantageous to those looking for how to trace a phone number.

This type of cloud service may even help you find your phone when all other attempts fail. Thanks to useful tracking features, you can shrink the radius for the possible location of your phone down to one meter. Even if tracking initially fails, users can access their messages, contacts, camera, social communications, as well as other features and items of their phone while away from it.

Many who wonder how to spy on a cell phone have been truly impressed by its capabilities, including sending information about a new SIM card and IMEI when they are introduced to your phone, and replace your old ones. To harness all these capabilities, users will need to follow several straightforward steps:

  • Go to in a browser of your choice
  • Choose the Free Signup option
  • Type in your email address and create a suitable password
  • Click “Create Account” and navigate to the “Add Device” panel
  • Adding a device will provide you with instructions on how to install it and an active link
  • Adjust your phone’s parameters to fit the installation requirements
  • Download the application and install it on your phone
  • Enter your login information and activate the service on your smartphone

Once the program is running, it will use GPS, Wi-Fi signals, and other tracking technologies to monitor and record your location. You can then monitor this location from any stationary or mobile device, simply by visiting If you wish to adjust the frequency of location tracking, you can establish the desired time interval in the settings panel. Users wondering how to track a cell phone will learn everything they need to know from this app.

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