How to update software on an Android phone

If you wish to update your app, you’ll need internet access.

Launch the app (how to?) on the Android device that is being monitored.

Wait for a few seconds while the app verifies if it is up to date. If a newer version of the app is available, you’ll see an “Update” button in the upper right corner of the screen.


If your phone has been rooted, you may turn on automatic updates within the userpanel.

After the app has been updated on a rooted device, it is recommended to launch it and verify whether it still has root access.

If the program is running in stealth mode, you will have to check to make sure it hasn't been disabled after the update.
You will have to re-activate stealth mode after the update on certain smartphone models:

-Open Hoverwatch app: dial ***PIN###
- If you can see "Hide Hoverwatch icon" menu item, you need to tap it and hide icon.


After Hoverwatch update open Hoverwatch app and check all permissions! (how to?)

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