Solving Problems with Root Permission Reset

 >> Solving Problems with Root Permission with Kingroot


1. Open SuperSU app.

2. Select "APPS" tab.


3. Select "SyncService" and open it.

4. Set Access to Grant, Notifications to Disabled, Tap "V" to confirm.

5. Open "SETTINGS" tab:
- check "Enable superuser"
- uncheck "Re-authentication"
- uncheck "Show notifications"
- check "Trust system user"

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    Julius Meidus

    It not works on newer Androids.. 🤔

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    Hi. Specify please, why do you think so? What application do you use to root your device?

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    License exceeded help

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    Waller Woods

    My device stopped working it's going to keeping track of it

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    Hi i am in problem please help

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    Seems this does not work in Android version 6.0 but does work in Android version 5.1. With Android version 6.0 sometime it says it is rooted and everything works well and sometimes it says "needs Permissions" and FB messenger and whatsapp do not show in the reports. I have asked Hoverwatch for a fix and the only thing they do is send me to this artical and it does not work on 6.0