Samsung, Android 7.x - 9.x

To make sure the program runs properly on Samsung phones with Android 7 or above do the following steps:

Go to "Settings".
Tap "Device maintenance" (for Android 9 - "Device care").
01.png 01.jpg
Android 7 - 8 Android 9


Tap "Battery".


02.png 02.jpg
Android 7 - 8 Android 9


Tap Menu button, then "Settings" (or "Advancde settings").


03.png 04.png

Disable "App power monitor" (for Android 7, 8) or "Put unused apps to sleep" and "Auto disable unused apps" (for Android 9).


06.png photo_2019-06-05_15-29-40.jpg
Android 7 - 8 Android 9
That`s all for Android 7.x and 8.x.
For Android 9.x go back to "Device care", tap Menu button and disable "Auto optimization".
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