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Incorrect display of the location of the phone.

I don't know how you determine the coordinates and networks, but they are wrong.

Examine my logs of july, 19.

At 10:08 AM it shows a wifi connection to GretaWifi at the coordinates where GretaWifi is not. GretaWifi is at the coordinates where the log at 10:03 AM had been made.

Same goes for the log at 09:43 PM which says it is connected to wifi "mario" at the wrong location. Wifi "mario" is at the location saved at 11:24 AM.

I have seen position errors even 100 miles away.

I would realy like a gps location where it is possible. Only when it is not possible to fall back on wifi or network location.

At least give an option in the settings to choose the preferred method.

The way its working now is not satisfying at all.


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