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Wondering what this log entry is about or means

Hello! I keep seeing a log pop up every so often that I cant figure out what it is about. It's nearly the same exact type log or a very similar one that appears as if it's related to one of his contacts, like he is deleting the contact, but I've seen the same log multiple times now over a few months time so it's hard to imagine he is deleting the same individual as a contact over and over again. I have screen shots of the log in question that I have attached. I'm wondering if you can clarify what this log entry is more specifically or what it could possibly be that its showing up for? Thanks!

Michael Bucklo

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Your same question brought me to this post. Have you gotten any response yet as to why this keeps happening? Because on my target phone one contact in particular keeps showing up as "action: Changed" basically every week, but the contact is still intact on the phone. I'm kind of confuse, because why would some one keep changing a contact to the same number. Since the log hasn't catch another number! I even thought that maybe he was changing his sim card and that is the number being used. But I'm not sure, only confused!

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Hello! Nope, no response and I even sent a follow up inquiry and not a thing. And I still see it too, it's sometimes shown as happening on Facebook messanger but normally via gmail mail. It's so bizarre and it doesn't happen with any other contacts!

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