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No new reports

The dashboard keeps saying that the device is connected. But I have not received any new reports as of 10:30PM last night. Please help.


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If you don't receive information this may be due to:

- The target device has no internet connection. 

- If you have enabled "Only Wifi" setting in your account, but target device has Cell internet connection. The program will send information only when the target phone will connect to wif

- Hoverwatch app has no auto-start permission, or target device is in saving power mode. To check it use this help 

for Android 6.x: 

for Android 5.x:

- The Hoverwatch app was removed from target device (by device hardware reset, for example). If the app was removed when device has no internet connection, then, unfortunately, we can not learn about it. In this case you need to install Hoverwatch app again.

If was performed a factory reset > Open your dashboard, select device, open "Settings" tab then scroll down and click on "Stop Device Monitoring" button.

AFTER THAT reinstall Hoverwatch app!

Thank you


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