Logs stopped. How to fix?

The reasons why there are no logs:

You do not have all the program permissions accepted at the moment.
Please open the program on the monitored device and accept all the permissions.

How to open Hoverwatch program?

You should accept all the permissions, otherwise logs can be missed.

2. You do not have the lates version of the program. Please update the program for the new version on the monitored device (if you have the message about old version in your dashboard ->Settings section). It will solve the problem with logs, chats, simcard changes and locations.

How to update software on an Android phone

3. Also if you don't receive information this may be due to:

  • The target device has no internet connection. If you have enabled "Only Wifi" setting in your account, but target device has Cell internet connection.
  • The monitored device is turned off or the monitored device has very low battery.
  • The Hoverwatch app was removed from target device (by device hardware reset for example). If the app was removed when device has no internet connection, we can not find out. In this case you need to reinstall Hoverwatch app.
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