Samsung, Android 8.x - 9.x

To make sure the program runs properly on Samsung phones with Android 8 or above, do the following steps:

Go to "Settings".
Tap "Device maintenance" (for Android 9 - "Device care").
01.png 01.jpg
Android 8 Android 9


Tap "Battery".


02.png 02.jpg
Android 8 Android 9


Tap Menu button, then "Settings" (or "Advancde settings").


03.png 04.png

Disable "App power monitor" (for Android 8) or "Put unused apps to sleep" (for Android 9).


06.png 06.jpg
Android 8 Android 9
That`s all for Android 8.x.
For Android 9.x go back to "Device care", tap Menu button and disable "Auto optimization".
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